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Want, Need, Wear, Read

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Before my husband and I had our daughter, we talked about dreams and ideas we had for our family like most couples do. We talked about traditions, what we wanted holidays to look like, and even more broad things like discipline - you know, the kinds of things you talk about and plan out before you have kids that change drastically the minute you actually have them. 

To the new mama,

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I'm you. I'm where you are right now. Staring down at the sweet face of the baby you've been praying for and thinking about for the past 9+ months. Holding back the tears that unexpectedly flow, not because of sadness - although sometimes that happens, too - but because of...

Thoughts: "The One"

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Lately, I've been thinking a lot about relationships and how someone is supposed to know when they've found "the one". Is there even just one person for everyone? Brandon and I have had a lot of discussions about this and it's something that I find really interesting. To us, love is a decision that you intentionally make (or don't make) every single day of your life. It's a decision, not a magical feeling that...

Emerson's Birth Story

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I had not planned on being induced. 

But who really does? I planned on my water breaking in the middle of the night, nudging Brandon until he woke up, and saying something like, "Honey, it's time. We're about to meet our daughter!" You know, just like it happens in those movies where giving birth is highly romanticized...

Year Old Advice

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Being authentic, let’s start there. Being authentic from the beginning can be just as instrumental in landing that first job, show, - even email, phone call, or handshake. Be yourself. Post what you want to post, draw what you want to draw, be conservative, be flamboyant, be daring, be safe, just be yourself. Don’t apologize for it. People respect authenticity...