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People get started with essential oils for many reasons. Here is my story...

About two years ago, I saw a post about oils from a gal I follow on Instagram. She talked about how these oils were supporting her family and I wanted a piece of that. I wanted to feel less stressed, less tired, and less run down overall. I wanted my husband and I to be healthy and happy. Isn't that everybody's goal for their family?

She mentioned the price of $160 and my first thought was, "Well, I've spent more than that before on things I don't use now! What have a got to lose?" So, I sent her a message and that evening I purchased a Premium Starter Kit for my then fiance and I. The kit arrived and, sure enough, I couldn't get enough of it. I was using Lavender at night, diffusing Purification + Lemon, and rolling StressAway on like nobody's business. I was in love.

Almost a year later, we were still loving our oils. So much so in fact that I was ready to dive in to using these oils more in our home. In early Spring of 2016, I took it upon myself to totally overhaul our arsenal of cleaning supplies. My husband and I were starting to plan for a baby and I knew I didn't want to raise a child in a chemical-filled home. Soon after transforming our cleaning habits and personal care items, we found out we were expecting a little girl. I was so glad I started on making changes when I did!

It's been almost a year now and I can honestly say I feel so good about the products we keep in our home. Young Living has been a huge blessing to my family and I love watching this company and their products become a blessing to other families, too.